Star Wars Resistance Logo

A few days after Lucasfilm filed a trademark for "Star Wars Resistance", I decided to have a go at making a hypothetical logo. The "RESISTANCE" typeface is of my own design,  created with the help of paths and guides. I prefer the first one the most, though I've seen complaints that it is too "Sesame … Continue reading Star Wars Resistance Logo


Website made in Dreamweaver

At UCF, I took a class that involved developing a website using Dreamweaver, and I opted to produce a website that promoted a fictional TV series. I admit the graphics are pretty iffy, but I am very proud of how the HTML and CSS turned out

Rock Cannon

This is a recreation of the Rock Cannon, based on the media franchise Black Rock Shooter. This was originally developed as a replacement for one of the weapons for the video game Team Fortress 2, and was produced with a variety of photographic references. Modeled, textured, and rendered in Blender.

Contrasting Mashup

The goal of this assignment was to create a transition between opposing elements, so I chose nature vs urban. This piece was produced from a variety of sources. In retrospect, this probably could have been executed a bit better, at least with the lack of shadows for ground elements. Created in Photoshop in Spring 2014.