Movie Poster Compositions

Another university assignment involving somewhat more advanced Photoshop techniques.

The compositions as a whole are meant to look like book covers or textless movie posters. “Man and his Bike” seems to me like it is the most “gripping” of the three. Cutting the bike out was a large pain in and of itself, but was done using a combination of the polygonal lasso and magnetic lasso. The shadow took the biker’s mask and severely blurred it with Refine Edge, then slanted it to fit on the street. It was blended in using the linear burn blend mode.

“Plane vs Dragon” is probably the “plainest” of the three. The “dragon” graphic may not have been the best quality, which made making the mask very difficult. Most of the adjustments here are basically “color-correction”, such as adjusting the dragon’s contrasts so that it does not look “painting-like”, as wll as giving the plane a slight tint to blend better with the sunset.

One of the more interesting things about “Abandoned City” was how easy it was to make the mech look distant, occlusion aside. It was a simple matter of adjusting one of the sliders on the curves layer. The mech was somewhat of a last minute addition after I realized that all of the additions I made were regulated to the background; there was nothing that was in the foreground and actually “in” the scene. To keep things simple, I made one mask for getting rid of the mech’s background, and a separate one for occlusion, so it would look like it is “behind” the man and on the debris it is standing on. A photo filter slightly tinted the mech’s colors to make it look more brownish. The plane up in the sky also had its colors tweaked in similar fashion. I decided not to turn its contrast too low or it would be practically invisible against the night sky.


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