“War” Trilogy

These compositions revolve around war in a vaguely futuristic setting, tied together by the presence of black smoke in each image. Most of the work came from creation of masks, making heavy use of the Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, and Color Range.

Each of the images provided a big challenge for at least one asset. For “War in the Stars”, adjusting the Star Destroyer’s contrast showed that lighter areas having a bluish tinge. I managed to get around this by severely curving the levels, and using the result for the mask of the “Blue Compensation” layer. The biggest hurdle for “War in the City” was producing the mask for the black-armored soldier. “War in the Streets” proved the most difficult, as I realized that there would be a challenge figuring out how to have a tank realistically fit in a rather narrow environment. I initially intended to have a tank on one of the walls, as if it was wall-crawler, but I later decided that was too “silly”.

I also learned that masked elements still had a “border” around them, though for the most part, it, and any potential masking defects, were covered up by shrinking said elements and placing them against a similarly-colored background.

Created in Photoshop in Fall 2014


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